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06/30/11 : Larry Crane will be a judge at the Portland regional US Air Guitar Championships at Portland's Dante's on July 9th. Come down and see the insanity...

05/18/11 : Hear The Homefront Pt II from the album I mixed for My Sad Captains. I like this band a lot!

04/27/11 : We got interviewed and our photo taken for an article about Portland recording studios. Read it here!

12/ 3/10 : Having a blast mixing this young UK/London band's new album. Check them out here.

09/28/10 : Check out a track I recorded in August for a new band, LEVI, on their MySpace page. It's the song "Gold" and has ridiculous drum over compression and some neat sounds.

01/21/10 : My new instrumental (and older vocal) mix of Elliott Smith's "Angel in the Snow" was featured in the film Up in the Air. The song (as it appeared on the album New Moon) is also on the soundtrack CD, though of course I don't get credited in the liner notes. 

01/10/10 : My mix of Elliott Smith's unreleased track "Cecelia/Amanda" has been posted for free download by Kill Rock Stars Records. Elliott and I tracked this in 1997 at Jackpot! and I mixed it there in 2009. Enjoy. 

  Jackpot! Recording Studio

I am the owner of Jackpot! Recording Studio, Inc., which began operations in 1997. In 2007 it moved into its current location in SE Portland, Oregon, next door to our pals at Hamptone. All audio wiring, audio treatment and studio design and layout was overseen by myself. The studio has been managed by Kendra Lynn since 2004, and is specifically designed to be friendly for freelance engineers. Jackpot! features a large, high ceilinged live room, three iso booths, 2-, 16- and 24-track analog tape decks, Pro Tools HD, a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console, many outboard devices, instruments and a wide selection of microphones.

From 1994 to 1997 I ran Laundry Rules Recording from my home, which essentially morphed into Jackpot! in 1997.
  Freelance Producer/Engineer

Since 1994 I've worked on recordings for hundreds of artists, including Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney, Jenny Lewis, M. Ward, The Go-Betweens, Stephen Malkmus, The Decemberists, Quasi, Richmond Fontaine, Cat Power, Portland Cello Project, The Walkabouts, Viva Voce, Death Cab For Cutie, System and Station and Nels Cline Singers. These projects have been on labels like Capitol, Dreamworks, Kill Rock Stars, Sub Pop, Merge, K, Domino, Jetset, Bong Load, Hush, Cavity Search, Virgin, Matador, Rough Trade and Team Love. I have worked out of my Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, OR, as well as other studios in California, Arizona, New York, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana and Quebec. I've also worked on live remote recordings in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

As a producer I like to get very involved in the songs being recorded, working on the arrangements, choosing instruments and guiding the recordings along in more of an "old school" fashion. Engineering is second nature to me at this point. I'm comfortable with calibrating and running any sort of analog tape decks, tracking in Pro Tools, and have had a range of experiences in many types of studios. Recently I've been getting a lot of mixing jobs, from albums tracked in large pro studios to modest home recordings. Clients have been very happy with my work, and I feel my experience working on Elliott Smith's back catalog has taught me a lot about restoring audio quality to "less than perfect" recordings and getting the most out of a mix. It doesn't hurt that we have the fantastic Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console to mix through either! I recently acquired an apartment in Portland and have been working out of Jackpot! quite a bit recently.

Incomplete discographies: AllMusic  Discogs Album Credits
  Interviews with Larry

  Mix Engineer

I have been getting more mixing jobs lately, and I love the work. Whether your songs were tracked at home on modest equipment or in a nice studio setting, I have the skills, tools and experience to help bring the most out of your mix. At my Jackpot! Recording Studio I can from Pro Tools or 2-inch tape, through our fantastic Rupert Neve Designs console, and process tracks (as needed) with analog equipment (EQ/compression/tape delays/plate reverb/spring reverb/etc.) and either mix to the 1/4" MCI deck or back into Pro Tools as a stereo file (and frequently do both). These "old school" techniques bring life back to mixes that were previously choked from "in-the-box" mixing.
Among the artists I've mixed music for are Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney, The Go-Betweens, The Decemberists, Quasi, Richmond Fontaine, Portland Cello Project, Viva Voce, System and Station, The Black Heart Procession, The Dismemberment Plan, Luther Russell and Versus.
For cost cutting I can prep digital-based mixes at home without the studio fee. Email me for info on prepping session for mixing and for rate quotes.